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Have you ever dreamt of being a boater yourself? We offer courses for the most popular navigation licenses like PNB and PER and we’re proud of our almost 100% success rate. Stop dreaming and sign up now!


Why choose Granada Sailing?

Our passion is the sea y we will be delighted to train you in becoming a passionate boater yourself. We think the following checklist should make it easy for you to decide:

    • We are the only sailing school with our own boat in the Almuñecar region.
    • Our teaching methods including using past real exams have been proven to be very effective given the very high success rates.
    • You will be charged by teaching module so you won’t have to pay for the whole lot at once.
    • Our classes are 2 times a week during 2 hours (20:00 – 22:00) in the town of La Herradura and afterwards we usually get together to chat and have a drink which is good for a moral boost needed to pass the test. In fact, students would travel together as a group to the city of examination.
    • If you need extra help with some subject matter, we will get together outside class hours to explain whatever issue.
    • We always create a Whatsapp group in order to facilitate easy access to the teacher and classmates.

The following slideshow tries to give you a good impression of the experience of the 2017 November class. A lot of pictures show the practical training on board of the Acheron and the fun we had:

How does it work?

The official Spanish navigation certificates for recreational boaters are:

    • Patrón para Navegación Básica o PNB (Basic Navigation Master)
    • Patrón de Embarcaciones de Recreo o PER (Pleasure Crafts Master)
    • Patrón de Yate (Yacht Master)
    • Capitán de Yate (Yacht Captain)

of which PNB and PER are the most popular.

Passing a theory test imposed by the General Directorate of Coastal Areas is one of the essential requirements for obtaining a navigation certificate. This test normally takes place once every 4 months en March, June and November. Navigation certificates other then PNB also require passing a practical navigation and radio communication test which are done at a accredited sailing school.

Usually, our students would go either to Málaga or Murcia to do the test but in our experience, the latter is more popular because of the easier exams being used in Murcia.

Our courses normally start within 2 months before each official test date.

Please, get in touch with us to get more information or to sign up.

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